Claim your .eth domain as a Top-Level Web3 Domain for FREE (+Gas)
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Register a Free Top-Level Web3 Domain from your .eth domain

Register a Free Top-Level Web3 Domain from your .eth domain

We're pleased to announce that for a limited time only we are offering all .eth holders a free Top-Level Domain (TLD) from their .eth address.

This means if you own yourname.eth you can now claim .yourname for free (+gas).

You can easily claim your free TLD via our DNS dApp here

Terms and conditions : Limited to one per wallet. Valid for limited time only. We cannot guarantee that your Top-Level Domain will be available.

Why register your Web3 TLD using your .eth?

A Top-Level Domain is the suffix of a Domain. Examples of existing TLDs are .com, .eth, .org etc. All holders of ENS Domains who hold a .eth Web3 Domain can ultimately convert their .eth address into a Top-Level Domain. This means if you own say peter.eth you can now register .peter through Decentraweb for free (+Gas).

Top-Level Web3 Domains empower their holders to become their own Web3 Domain registrar. By owning a TLD with Decentraweb you can easily create subdomains from the TLD, so now if you own peter.eth and register .peter you can create im.peter as your Web3 Domain. Through our revolutionary decentralized technology, you can also stake your TLD. By staking your TLD you can set a fee per registration using your TLD in $ USD. So then everyone who registers a subdomain from your TLD pays you for access to mint their subdomain from your TLD. Pretty cool right!

Our technology doesn't stop there - you can also choose to privately stake your Top-Level Domain and activate an allowlist meaning you can set who can mint from your TLD. You can establish Allowlists manually through entering wallet addresses or Web3 Domains or through linking an ERC721 or ERC20 token meaning the person minting their subdomain would need to be a holder of a token from the nominated contract. You can easily set the price per subdomain for Privately Staked Web3 Domains with allowlist access or you can choose to offer them for free to your community.

How to claim your Free Web3 TLD using your .eth?

Step One : Visit our .eth to Top-Level Domain registration page here

Decentraweb Web3 Domains

Step Two : Connect Your Wallet containing your .eth address. Please note this promotion is limited to one Free (+Gas) TLD per wallet.

Connect Web3 Wallet

Step Three : Once connected you'll be able to see any .eth addresses you have in your wallet. If the TLD for your .eth address is available it will appear with the add to cart symbol. Click the TLD you'd like to purchase.

Decentraweb Web3 Domains

Step Four : Within your cart you'll be able to see your Free TLD. You can easily add multiple TLDs to your cart through our search which can be purchased in addition to your Free (+Gas) TLD.

Decentraweb Web3 Domains

Step Five : Click Complete Purchase which will take you to your cart and checkout.

Step Six : Underneath your cart you'll be able to proceed with the registration of your new Top-Level Web3 Domain. Hit Register Free-Top Level Domain. Please note that if you register more than one TLD you will have more steps to your checkout - don't worry they're all easy to navigate and explained within the checkout process.

Step Seven : A transaction will appear within your wallet to confirm the registration and minting of your Web3 Domain. Confirm this transaction. Following this you'll see the transaction pending and then your Web3 Top-Level Domain will be registered and confirmed on the Blockchain!

You can easily manage your Domain name, mint subdomains from your Top-Level Domain, Stake your TLD, Privately Stake your TLD and more from within the My Account section of our DNS platform.

If you'd like to learn more about our Web3 Domains please discover our Learn Centre here.