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Privately Stake Web3 TLDs with Allowlist Functionality

Privately Stake Web3 TLDs with Allowlist Functionality

We’re super excited to share our new functionality — Privately Staked Top-Level Web3 Domains. This new functionality will allow anyone to release their Top Level Domains exclusively to allow listed wallet addresses including based on holding of ERC721/ERC721A tokens or ERC20 tokens.

We’ve developed this functionality to help empower those with established communities to provide exclusive access to their branded Top Level Domains. Perfect for NFT Projects, Crypto Communities, Communities of any kind, education and businesses. The use cases are mind blowing!

Setting up a Privately Staked Top Level Domain will be easy and will be available to everyone. Once you’ve registered your Top Level Domain, select Privately Stake Domains in the drop down from My Account.

Within the Privately Stake Domains page select the Top Level Domain, or multiple Top Level Domains, that you’d like to Privately Stake.

Setting up your Allow list is easy. Enter the price per subdomain (you can set your price as “0” if you want to allow people to mint for free (+Gas)). Enter the SLDs/subdomains per wallet and then we get to the fun part with the Allow list set up.

There are three options available for setting up the allow list access. You can either paste a list of wallet addresses, allow access based on holding of an NFT/ERC721/ERC721A contract or allow access to holders of an ERC20 token.

For this example we’re illustrating how to set up based on holding of an ERC721 or ERC721A contract. Simply paste in the contract address depending on the chain the contract is on and then we’ll hit Activate Allow List.

Navigate to your register subdomain page for the TLD — TLD and you’ll be able to see all the info has been brought across.

Ok, now let’s get to the super duper fun part. We’re furthering our functionality to allow users who privately stake their domains to customise the experience for their users who want to register their subdomain. Once you’ve set up your Allow List you’ll be able to click the Customise Privately Staked Page button.

Here you can upload a 300px by 300px logo and customise the theme.

Add in your 300px by 300px logo (if you don’t have a logo not to worry you can leave this blank).

Then you can select your colours and hit save. This will open a confirmation message in your wallet to save and then we’re ready!

For the above example of colours with the logo I uploaded here is how it looks!

Colour One = Background Colour
Colour Two = Buttons, TLD colour and Register .yourdomain subdomains text
Colour Three = Register Subdomain text, Allow list text and allocation text.

These colours will be continued into the checkout experience.

And there we have it! Your Top-Level Web3 Domain has been privately staked. You can easily remove the allowlist within the Privately Stake Domains section of your account.

If you would like to update your allowlist, you'll need to remove the allowlist before adding a new one.