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Released : January 5 2024

MetaMask features Decentraweb

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Integration Update

Decentraweb featured in MetaMask's Unity SDK

In a significant advancement for Web3 gaming, MetaMask has integrated Decentraweb's naming service as an extension package into its Unity SDK. This marks a step forward in making Web3 more accessible and engaging for gamers, by enabling human-readable gamertags that connect to their wallet addresses as Web3 domains.

Traditional wallet addresses are complex and user-unfriendly, deterring mainstream gamers and developers from diving into the Web3 gaming world. 

However, Metamask's Unity SDK with Decentraweb integration is set to change this dynamic. It allows developers to create branded Web3 domains for use as gamertags, such as player.gametitle, infusing a more personalized and custom touch to the gaming experience.

These Web3 domains, created on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchains as ERC-721 NFTs, are entirely owned by the user. For developers holding top-level domains (e.g., .gametitle), there is the added flexibility to decide whether to charge for Web3 domain registrations and whether those are permanent or subject to renewal. The associated registration and/or renewal fees present a potential ongoing revenue stream for them.

While anyone can permissionlessly create top-level Web3 domains (e.g., .gametitle) or Web3 domains (e.g., player.gametitle) on the Decentraweb DNS Platform, doing so within MetaMask’s Unity SDK with Decentraweb enables minting and management in-game. So players don’t need to leave the game to create or manage their gamertags.

The purpose of this integration is to improve gaming experience. Gamers can now easily remember and share their unique identifiers as they show off their growing collection of rare in-game NFTs. For developers, this opens up fresh possibilities to create branded communities and more immersive and user-friendly game experiences.

This collaboration is a testament to MetaMask and Decentraweb's commitment to innovating in the Web3 space. By simplifying and improving what has historically been a painful user experience, they are paving the way for mainstream adoption of Web3 in the gaming sector.
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