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How to become a Web3 Domain Registrar

How to become a Web3 Domain Registrar

What is a Web3 Domains Registrar?

Web3 Domains are a popular topic when it comes to the decentralized web and Web3 identity. Web3 domains registrars are a service provider that manages the registration of domain names on the Web3 decentralized network. They offer a way for individuals and organizations to secure unique domain names for their decentralized applications and websites, which can be accessed via the blockchain. Web3 domains registrars act as intermediaries between the registrants and the decentralized network, ensuring that domain names are properly registered, updated and managed according to the Web3 protocols.

For many Web3 users you will be aware of ENS Names who provide subdomains of their .eth Top-Level Domain, with many reselling for thousands of dollars.

Here are the top 5 most expensive ENS domains sold on Opensea.

1  - Paradigm.eth — $1,488,480

2 -  000.eth — $321,885

3  - deepak.eth — $224,788

4  - porno.eth — $202,162

5  - 555.eth — $162,975

Why become a Web3 Domains Registrar?

Web3 Domains are ever growing in popularity. Through the rise of ENS Names and Unstoppable Domains who both provide subdomains from their own Top-Level Domains, becoming a Web3 Domains registrar provides an incredible opportunity to be a part of the rapidly growing industry and requirement for Web3 identities and Web3 Domains.

Whereas the technology is relatively new, adoption will increase through improved functionality in the near future, making becoming a Web3 Domains registrar an excellent choice for businesses and individuals wanting to capitalize on the new era of Domain Name technology.

As a Top-Level Web3 Domain Name provider, Decentraweb powers thousands of Top-Level Domains with their owners being able to monetize their Web3 Domains through selling subdomains via our TLD staking functionality.

Our technology allows anyone to become their own ENS Domains or Unstoppable Domains.

How to become your own Web3 Domains Registrar

Establishing yourself or your business as a Web3 Domains registrar is easy through Decentraweb - easily navigate to our Web3 Domain Registration platform

Here you can register your own Top-Level Domains for $100 USD per year in Ethereum or $50 USD per year in $DWEB Tokens.

As the owner of a Top-Level Domain you can choose to mint as many subdomains as you like using your Web3 TLD. This means if you registered .yourname, you could easily register im.yourname, hello.yourname, 1.yourname etc. You can choose to sell these Subdomains as they are NFTs, through any NFT Marketplace.

In addition to minting your own Subdomains, you can also opt to stake your Top-Level Domain. Staking your TLD through Decentraweb allows you to set the price per Subdomain and opens up your TLD for others to mint Subdomains, paying you per subdomain at the price in which you set.

We are proudly the leading Top-Level Web3 Domain provider on the Ethereum Blockchain and help to power over 12,000 Top-Level Domains.

You can learn more about how to register your Top-Level Domain here.