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Welcome to the future of Domains

Easily use your Decentraweb Domains as...


Your Website URL


Utilize IPFS or traditional webserver technology to create a decentralized website.

Decentraweb Wallet

Your Crypto Wallet Address


Easily set your Decentraweb Web3 Domain as your wallet address for nearly any blockchain. Remembering your Wallet Address just got easier!

Stake & Sell Subdomains

You set the price

Stake your Top-Level Domain (TLD) and earn passive income from others minting Sub-Level Domains from your TLD.

Decentraweb Domains

Mint Unlimited Subdomains

Sell on Marketplaces

Mint as many Sub-Level Domains (SLDs) from your Top-Level Domain (TLD). List and sell on NFT Marketplaces.


Your Chat Username

End to end encrypted chat

Use your Decentraweb Web3 Domain as your chat username.

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Login with Decentraweb

Unlimited Integrations

Our SDK is already available for partners to provide Login with Decentraweb Domains.


Email & Webmail


Use your Decentraweb Web3 Domain for emails and webmail.


Decentralized Webhosting

Powered by Decentraweb

Enable decentralized and uncensorable hosting via IPFS

Decentraweb Wave

The Power of Decentraweb

Decentraweb's revolutionary, decentralized platform takes back the internet and DNS (Domain Name System) from the gatekeepers -- allowing anyone to permissionlessly create their own decentralized identity on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Use your new NFT domain as your website, Web3 identity, crypto wallet, chat address, email, and more.

Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

.e.g .yourname

  • Own your own NFT domain ending.
  • Mint unlimited Sub-Level Domains.
  • Stake and Sell Sub-Level Domains.
  • Earn passive income.
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Pay in ETH
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Pay in $DWEB
Great for Brands, Companies & Entrepreneurs.
Use $DWEB and get 50% OFF TLDs

Sub-Level Domains (SLDs)

.e.g anything.example

  • Use as your Crypto Wallet Address, Website Address, Email & Chat Address.
  • Your Web3 Identity.
  • One time fee. No Expiry.
Thousands of TLDs to choose from
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Coming Soon
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Sell top-level domains or create entire series of subdomains  to sell to businesses and users.

Decentraweb has an immersive marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, or even rent NFT domains & subdomains.

The possibilities are limitless.

Decentraweb MarketDecentraweb Market
Decentraweb Wave
DWEB Token by Decentraweb
Use $DWEB and get 50% OFF TLDs
The DWEB token plays a central role in the Decentraweb ecosystem, and will be used for everything from payments for services to governance, DNS Validator Nodes, Staking and more.
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DWEB Token by Decentraweb

Our Team

We've built an all-star executive & advisory team, with experience spanning the domain, DNS, security and blockchain industries.
& more
Michael Calce

Michael Calce

Optimal Secure, Chair HP Advisory Board

Adam Barlam

Adam Barlam

Former GoDaddy Sr. Architect, Intel, TrustSwap, Chain Games

Arne Josefsberg

Arne Josefsberg

Former GoDaddy CTO, ServiceNow CTO, Microsoft, Dell, Intel

Mauvis Ledford

Mauvis Ledford

Former Coin Market Cap CTO, DexTools, Bill & Melinda Gates Fnd

Natalie Higson

Natalie Higson

Co-Founder & Artist of Not Your Bro NFT

Paul Sebastien

Paul Sebastien

RealVision, Former CMO T-Mobile, Offensive Security, Microsoft

Justine Bone

Justine Bone

CEO MedSec, CISO Dow Jones, Bloomberg, HP, IBM

Josh Cross

Josh Cross

Founder of Coin Academy, Crypto Educator & YouTuber

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