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We have developed an ambitious roadmap consisting of product and service offerings to help cement Decentraweb at the top of the web3 ecosystem.
Q3 2021
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🚀 DECENTRAWEB launches
Decentraweb DNS registrations for TLDs & subdomains as ERC-721 NFTs
Q4 2021
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DecentraDNS testnet & private launch via custom DNS GO daemon
Q1 2022
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DecentraDNS mainnet with DNS GO daemon using smart contracts & resolvers.
Q2 2022
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DecentraHost launch on IPFS allowing users to host websites, content, & more on their DecentraName
Q3 2022
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DecentraMail launch on IPFS allowing users to host mail (webmail, IMAP,etc) on their DecentraName.
Q4 2022
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Updated UI For & Privately Staked / Allow List Functionality for Top Level Domains.
Q1 2023
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Further improvements and added functionality to DNS platform. Release of Web3 Domain Marketplace. Focus on integrations.
Q2 2023+
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Coming very soon