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Roadmap & Releases

We have developed an ambitious roadmap consisting of product and service offerings to help cement Decentraweb at the top of the web3 ecosystem


Items completed and launched
Decentraweb Launch
Q3 2021
Decentraweb DNS registrations for TLDs & subdomains as ERC-721 NFTs
DecentraDNS (Testnet)
Q4 2021
DecentraDNS testnet & private launch via custom DNS GO daemon
DecentraDNS (Mainnet)
Q1 2022
DecentraDNS mainnet with DNS GO daemon using smart contracts & resolvers
DecentraHost Launch
Q2 2022
DecentraHost launch on IPFS allowing users to host websites, content, & more on their DecentraName
TLD Staking & Subdomain Minting
Q3 2022
Launched staking support for TLDs and on-demand subdomain minting
Open-sourced SDK release
Q3 2022
Launched DWEB Javascript SDK supporting ENS and DWEB resolutions. View on Github
Payment Gateway with Name Resolution
Q3 2022
Added support for forward & reverse resolutions on
$DWEB on Ledger Live
Q3 2022
DWEB Token included in Ledger Live
Updated UI
Q4 2022
Updated UI for &
Private TLD Staking Launch
Q4 2022
Privately Staked / Allow List Functionality for Top Level Domains to allow exclusive minting of Subdomains
Updated UI for Staking Platform
Q1 2023
Additional $2 Subdomain Registration Fee
Q1 2023
Added support for $2 SLD registration fee
Redis Live Cache Launch
Q1 2023
New open-source DWEB library : "living" Redis cache for DWEB wallet alias resolution. View on Github
Updated Web3 Subdomain Search
Q1 2023
Launch of new Subdomain search functionality to benefit staked TLDs. Register multiple Subdomains from multiple TLDs in single transaction
Commencement of Web3 Domains Marketplace Build
Q2 2023
Development of - Decentraweb's Web3 Domains Marketplace
Web3 Subdomain Minting Widgets
Q2 2023
Widget support for minting SLDs on 3rd party websites
Further Upgrades to Web3 Subdomain Search
Q2 2023
Additional improvements & UI updates to Web3 Subdomain Search
Web3 Domain Registrar Pages
Q3 2023
Launch of customizable micro-sites for TLD owners to host their staked TLDs. Learn more
Ethereum -> Polygon Bridge (Testnet)
Q3 2023
Ability to transfer TLDs & Subdomains from Ethereum to Polygon
Updated UI for
Q3 2023
Refresh of UI for
Cross Chain Bridges : Ethereum -> Polygon & Polygon -> Ethereum
Q4 2023
Allows ability for users to transfer domains back and forth between Polygon and Ethereum Network

In Progress

Items which our team are actively working on
Decentrachat : Encrypted & Open-sourced Chat Application - iOS & Android
End-to-end encrypted chat application launching on Mobile App Stores. Use Decentraweb Domain, ENS Domain or Wallet Address as Chat Handle
Decentrachat : Encrypted & Open-sourced Chat Application - Desktop
End-to-end encrypted chat application for Desktop Devices. Use Decentraweb Domain, ENS Domain or Wallet Address as Chat Handle
Integrations for our Decentralized Domain Name System
Working with third parties to integrate resolution of our dDNS
Updated UI for
Refresh of UI for our Staking Portal
Update to Docs & Guides
Further development of Docs & Guides to provide information on our technology


Our future releases are in no specific order. Additional items not included will also be released
Chrome / Brave dDNS Extension
Google Chrome & Brave Extension for accessing decentralized websites using Decentraweb Domains
Premium Subdomain Launch
Public & Private launches for minting of Subdomains from previously reserved TLDs
Soulbound TLD & SLD Domains
Launch of ability to provide non-transferrable Web3 Domains for premanent identity Launch
Launch of our Web3 Domains Marketplace
Community Release of DNS Daemon Go Version
Use local DNS server to route DNS requests to Decentraweb Domains
DNS Daemon Staking
Provide support for DNS Daemon staking
Custom IPFS / Decentralized Hosting Support
via DecentraHost
Firefox dDNS Extension
Firefox Extension for accessing decentralized websites using Decentraweb Domains
Login with Decentraweb : Single Sign On
Use Decentraweb TLD or SLD for SSO on Web2 or Web3 websites and applications
Personal & Corporate Identity Single Sign On
Use Decentraweb TLD or SLD for SSO for Personal and Corporate Identity
Decentralized Mail Hosting
Support for Decentralized Mail Hosting via DecentraMail