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Developer Tools

Utilize Decentraweb's dDNS technology in your website or dapp.

The Decentraweb JavaScript SDK

The Decentraweb JavaScript SDK enables websites and application to utilize Decentraweb's dDNS technology. Whether that's to convert Ethereum addresses to friendly DWEB identities, allow payments to DWEB handles, or even recreate and extend the functionality on

You can find the library on Github:
Access Decentraweb Library on Github ->
This library is a monorepo that contains multiple components :
Decentraweb Core Library
This is a library for interacting with the Decentraweb smart contracts.

It contains tools for resolving DNS, getting/setting records, and more.

Also containing Decentraweb's latest APIs and can be used directly or embedded in other projects such as the Decentraweb Resolver and CLI—basically anything you can do on you can do with this SDK.
Decentraweb CLI Interface
This library provides our Command Line interface.

A CLI interface library to interact with Decentraweb smart contracts via command line on your own instead of using
Decentraweb Resolver Service
A resolver service for being able to resolve DWEB TLD and SLDs records on your own.

This library includes a TCP Resolver, UDP Resolver, and DOH (DNS over HTTPS) Resolver.
Decentraweb Toolkit
Seamlessly integrate Decentralized Name Systems into your apps.

The Toolkit package allows app developers to seamlessly integrate Decentralized Name Systems into their apps. Right now it has support for Decentraweb, ENS, and limited support of classic DNS system.