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Build with Decentraweb

Connect your dApp to Decentraweb's Web3 Domain SDK + Redis Cache

Feel the power of high-speed, secure & friendly decentralized Web3 identities.
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Realtime Live Cache

Resolve Friendly Decentralized Web3 Domains to Addresses

Remembering Wallet Addresses can be cumbersome and are a point of concern for adopters of Web3. By integrating our decentralized DNS technology into your dApp or Crypto Wallet, you can assist your users by displaying friendly Decentralized Web3 Identities which the user has resolved to their wallet address.

Our Live Redis Cache provides name-to-address and address-to-name realtime resolution.
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npm i @decentraweb/namekit
Decentraweb SDK

Integrate Decentraweb SDK to provide our full service solution

The Decentraweb JavaScript SDK enables websites and applications to utilize Decentraweb's dDNS technology.

Whether that's to convert Ethereum addresses to friendly Decentralized DWEB identities, allow payments to DWEB handles, or even recreate and extend the functionality we use on our own dApp platform allowing minting and managing of Decentraweb Web3 Domains.

Our open-sourced library is ready to use and allows you to seamlessly integrate our revolutionary technology into your dApps and Platforms.
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