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How to Stake your TLD & Sell Web3 Domains

How to Stake your TLD & Sell Web3 Domains

By staking your Top-Level Web3 Domain you allow other users to register Web3 Domains using your Top-Level Domain at a price and terms you set.

For example, if you own the TLD .yourtld and opt to stake it, others can register anything.yourtld as their Web3 Domain, paying the registration fee to your wallet.

Our technology allows you to set the registration fee per Web3 Subdomain registration and whether to charge a yearly renewal fee or provide expiry-less Web3 Domains.

You can set different registration fees and terms for each of your Top-Level Domains.

How to Stake your Top-Level Web3 Domain

Head to our App - and connect your wallet which holds your Top-Level Web3 Domains

Select Stake Domains within the My Account dropdown menu then select the Top-Level Domain(s) which you'd like to stake. Once selected press "Stake" which will open the staking settings to define your fees and terms.

Assign your Registration fee which the registrant will pay when registering their Web3 Domain from your TLD.

Opt for No Expiry or Renewable

If you select Renewable, you'll need to provide a yearly renewal fee to charge owners of Web3 Domains using your TLD

Press Commit to save your pricing and terms

Note : you can choose unstake your Top-Level Web3 Domain or  update your pricing and terms at any point.

By unstaking your TLD, existing Web3 Domains that use your TLD will still exist and be owned by their purchaser.

By updating your pricing, new registrations using your TLD will be charged the updated pricing.

If you offer renewable Web3 Domains and change your renewal fees, registrants of Web3 Domains using your TLD will be charged the fee that was set when they purchased their Web3 Domain.

*Please note all Subdomain registrations occur a $2 Service Fee which is charged to the registrant. Staked domain sales result in 70% of the purchase price sent to you in the currency which the registrant uses to register at the market value of DWEB or ETH vs USD $.. The remaining 30% of each domain sale are split between our Decentraweb Development Fund and the $DWEB Staking Rewards Pool.