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How to buy a Top-Level Web3 Domain

How to buy a Top-Level Web3 Domain

Registering a Top-Level Web3 Domain is easy with Decentraweb. We allow anyone to create their own TLD permissionlessly and by owning your own Top-Level Domain you can then create Subdomains or stake your TLD to allow others to mint Subdomains using your TLD.

Top-Level Web3 Domains powered by Decentraweb are great for Crypto Communities, NFT Projects, Businesses and all other communities. Our technology allows anyone to become a Web3 Domain Registrar. Once you've registered your Top-Level Domain you can learn more about how to use your Web3 TLD within our Learning Centre.

How to Register a Web3 TLD

Step One : Visit our Web3 Domain Registration Platform -

Here you can search for available Top-Level Domains

Decentraweb Web3 Domains Platform

Step Two : Once you've found the Web3 TLD that you'd like to register, connect your wallet.

Step Three : Add the Web3 Top-Level Domain to your cart, you can add up to 20 TLDs to your cart. Select Complete Purchase.

Step Four : Within the cart you'll be able to update the amount of years you would like to register the Top-Level Domain for.

Our Top-Level Web3 Domains require renewals, whereas all Subdomains registered using the Top-Level Domain are expiry-less.

Step Five : Below your cart you'll be able to select your payment method as the first step of checkout. Here you can opt for Ethereum or through DWEB Tokens.

If you would like to use DWEB Tokens you will receive 50% off your registration. You can easily purchase DWEB Tokens from our partners here : Buy $DWEB Tokens

Step Six : Step Two requires you to process an initial transaction to request to register your Top-Level Domains. This secures the TLD for 30 minutes so others can't also claim it.

Step Seven : Next you'll be required to wait one minute to ensure another person hasn't tried to register the same TLD at the same time. Once this period has ended you'll be able to click the Register button.

Step Eight : Following the one minute waiting period, click Register and approve the transaction within your Wallet to pay in DWEB Tokens or Ethereum.

Step Nine : Congratulations 🎉

Your TLD(s) have been registered. You can view the transaction on the Blockchain, Set Expiry Reminder and also Manage your Names.