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Web3 Gamertags

Level Up Gamertags with Web3 Domains

Providing an immersive identity experience for players of Web3 Games

Blockchain Facilitated Gamer Identity

Decentraweb Web3 Domains provide a solution for in-game identity through the use of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Seamless In-Game Management

Through available SDKs, gaming studios can provide in-game registration and management of Web3 Domains for Gamertag identity

Secure & Scalable Solutions

Provide Web3 Domains for use as Gamertags on Ethereum or Polygon Networks. Sell unlimited registrations from Top-Level Web3 Domains
Web3 Domains as Gamertags

For Gamers

A new dawn of gamertags is here. Own your gamertag as a Web3 Domain secured on Ethereum or Polygon Networks
Create your Web3 Domain ->

Tradable & Unique Gamertags

Buy, trade and sell Web3 Domain Gamertags on any NFT marketplace. Play it safe knowing you're gamertags are unique to you - it's impossible for identical gamertags to exist within the Decentraweb ecosystem

Gamertag Wallet Domains

Assign your Web3 Domain Gamertag to your wallet address removing the need to remember your 42 character wallet address. Share your Web3 Domain Gamertag with your friends and use as your portable web3 identity
Web3 Domains as Gamertags

For Studios

Create immersive and community focused experiences  for Web3 identity within your games and platforms with Decentraweb
Register Top-Level Web3 Domain ->
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Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate Decentraweb to map wallet addresses to human-readable Web3 Domains and interact with our smart contracts to facilitate registration and management of Decentraweb Web3 Domains. Utilize Metamask's Unity SDK with Decentraweb integration or opt to integrate Decentraweb's open-sourced SDK directly within your platform or game
Your Platform
Another Platform

Branded & Portable Gamertags

Further your community and brand awareness through branded Web3 Domain Gamertags for your users. Create Top-Level Web3 Domains for your games, company, studio or platform and allow your users to register Web3 Domains for use as Gamertags in your games, other games and other Decentraweb integrated platforms and websites
$10 /yr

Sell Registrations & Earn Renewal Fees

Allow access for your users to register their Web3 Domain Gamertags from your Top-Level Web3 Domain. Set your registration fee per Web3 Domain and opt to provide permanent or renewable Web3 Domains to your users. Through our Core SDK provide in-platform registration and management for seamless experiences

Improved UX & UI

Improve your Game or Platform's UX & UI through Decentraweb's technology - allowing users to assign their Web3 Domain to their wallet address. Utilize your branded Top-Level Web3 Domain for a human-readable and memorable UI whilst reducing human errors through recognizable identifiers

Custom Branded Art

Contact our team to request custom art for your Web3 Domain's NFT artwork. Apply your logo and brand colors for a truly branded experience. Reach out to our team to learn more about our custom artwork service
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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a Top-Level Web3 Domain?
Anyone can register a Top-Level Web3 Domain within our DNS App. Web3 TLDs cost $50 USD per year when purchasing using $DWEB Token or $100 USD per year when purchasing using Ethereum, and can be registered for up to 5 years per renewal
My Top-Level Web3 Domain is reserved
At Decentraweb, we've reserved Alexa's Top 10,000 Most Popular Website's Top-Level Web3 Domains to deter domain squatting. Any reserved Web3 TLD can be claimed by proving ownership of your company's Web2 Domain through txt records. To enquire about claiming your reserved Top-Level Web3 Domain, please contact our team
What are the fees for Web3 Domain registrations?
Each Web3 Domain registration occurs a $2 platform fee which is payable upon registration by the registrant. If you are wanting to create Web3 Domains in bulk, please reach out to our team for corporate pricing
How do I set pricing for Web3 Domain registrations?
In addition to the $2 platform fee per Web3 Domain registration, as the owner of a Top-Level Web3 Domain you can set your fees and terms for Web3 Domain registrations when staking your Web3 TLD. Nominate a registration fee (prices are set in USD and can be $0 if you wish to provide free Web3 Domains) and then opt to provide expiry-less Web3 Domains or nominate your yearly renewal fee. Registration and renewal fees earned are sent to the wallet address which has staked the Web3 TLD
How do I only allow select wallets to register Web3 Domains using my Web3 TLD?
Our Private Staking technology allows the owner of a Web3 TLD (Top-Level Domain) to nominate which wallet addresses can register Web3 Domains from their Web3 TLD. In addition, you can provide access to select individuals based on holding of an ERC20 or ERC721 token by entering the contract address of the ERC20 or ERC721

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