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Wallet Domains

Assign your Decentraweb Web3 Domain to your cryptocurrency wallet for your favorite cryptos including...
& 150+ other cryptocurrencies

A New Era Of Domains Is Here

Web3 Domains are not just for websites - they're also for crypto wallets

One Wallet Domain
Over 150 Cryptocurrencies

Assign your Web3 Domain to your wallet address for over 150 cryptocurrencies. Send and receive cryptocurrency using your Web3 Domain

Your Portable Web3 Identity

Use your Decentraweb Web3 Domain across the world of Web3 as our ecosystem expands

Tradable & Unique
Web3 Domains

Our Web3 Domains are registered as non-fungible tokens, also know as NFTs. They're tradable on any NFT Marketplace and 100% unique to you

Say goodbye 👋
to remembering your 0x Address

Human-readable Crypto Wallet Domains

Create Your Web3 Domain

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