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Our Mission

Since the creation of the internet, we’ve built some of our greatest inventions on it, but somewhere along the way we’ve gone off course. Decentraweb is a decentralized domain name system (dDNS) implementation on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our goal is to give users the power to take back the internet one layer at a time.  

We want users to have the ability of sharing content and representing their identity/brand without censorship. We believe this is your world and you should be able to create it however you see fit.

We firmly believe the domain space and identity is ripe for disruption, so we wanted to augment the latest and best tech to empower the world.

It’s your name, it’s your brand, seize it.
What We Do

We facilitate the use of the blockchain to champion a decentralized future of the internet.

Decentraweb's revolutionary, decentralized platform takes back the internet and DNS (Domain Name System) from the gatekeepers -- allowing anyone to permissionlessly create their own decentralized identity on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Use your new NFT domain as your website, web3 identity, crypto wallet, chat address, email, and more.
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