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Released : July 30 2023

DNS Records for Polygon Domains

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Utility Update

DNS records can now be set on Polygon

We’ve made a large upgrade to Top-Level Domains and Sub-Level Domains that are registered on Polygon (MATIC). Now Polygon based Web3 Domains registered with Decentraweb have the ability to set DNS Records.

Our new implemented DNS for Polygon Domains allows for Forward Records and Reverse Records to be set. 

Forward Records - (Domain -> Wallet Address)

Forward Records allow for the Domain to be looked up by dApps and linked to your Wallet Address. For example, using our Decentraweb Payment dApp - you can type in the domain to transfer funds to and if the forward record is set, funds will be transferred to the Wallet Address assigned to that domain.

Reverse Records - (Wallet Address -> Domain)

Reserve Records allow for the Wallet Address to resolve as your Domain. For example, signing into using a wallet with a Domain that has a reverse record set to that wallet address, your Domain will show within our platform masking the 42 character Wallet Address.

With the vast increase with dApps including Web3 Gaming being built on the Polygon Blockchain, our new upgrade to our Polygon based Domains will assist dApp developers with integration of friendly names within their platforms - say hello to the future of Web3 gaming Gamertags!