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Released : July 30 2023

Web3 Domain Registrar Pages

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Utility Update

Web3 Top-Level Domain holders can now create a customizable Web3 Registrar Page

Our mission to empower our community who wish to sell Web3 Domains has continued with the launch of our new Web3 Domain Registrar Pages.

In addition to our widgets which are designed to be easily embedded into your website, our latest update allows owners of  Decentraweb powered Web3 Top-Level Domains to create their own Domain Registrar page hosted within our platform.

Owners of Decentraweb powered Web3 TLDs can now set up and customize their Web3 Domain Registrar Page within our DNS Platform. Users can select themes, provide colors, upload their logo, assign their unique registrar URL and select which staked Top-Level Domains to feature in their page.

Within our Web3 Registrar Pages we’ve also included an additional feature where users can update DNS records within your Registrar Page - providing a seamless and easy to use experience for your customers and community.

Fully compatible with our upgrade to Web3 subdomain renewals, we’re excited for our community to establish their own Web3 Domain Registrars.
Create Yours

How to create your Web3 Domain Registrar Page

Head to our DNS Portal :

Connect your wallet. Select My Account, then Your Registrar Page

Follow the simple steps to set up and customize your registrar page. Select your staked domains to feature, upload your logo, select your theme, colors and get creative!

Why not take it one step further and point your Web2 domain to your new Decentraweb hosted registrar page!