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Released : March 31 2023

Updated Roadmap & Real Vision Partnership

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Real Vision Partnership for Decentraweb - Powering .Realvision

We are excited to reveal a new partnership for Decentraweb with Real Vision. Founded by Raoul Pal, Real Vision is one the investment industry's leading online communities, examining finance, business and the global economy to help it's members to "become better investors". Real Vision released exclusive access to their .RealVision Top-Level Domain to the holders of their RV Collective NFT Project, allowing their community to mint anything.realvision through our Privately Staked functionality. Since the launch of this partnership, their community have enjoyed Real Vision's expansion into furthering their Web3 identities with a large % of their RV Collective holders opting to mint .realvision subdomains.

As part of this official partnership, we also provided Real Vision with custom subdomain art for a truly branded solution for their Web3 Subdomains.

Updated Roadmap

We are excited to announce the arrival of our updated Roadmap.

Our Roadmap serves as a public indication of our agenda and plans over the next three quarters. There will be additional releases of technology, partnerships and functionality that are not included on our public Roadmap to protect our intellectual property, respect non-disclosures and to keep everyone on their toes.
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