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Released : December 23 2022

Privately Staked Web3 Domains with
Allowlist functionality

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Introducing Privately Staked Web3 Domains

This new functionality will allow anyone to release their Top-Level Domains exclusively to allow listed wallet addresses including based on holding of ERC721/ERC721A tokens or ERC20 tokens.

We’ve developed this functionality to help empower those with established communities to provide exclusive access to their branded Top Level Domains. Perfect for NFT Projects, Crypto Communities, Communities of any kind, education and businesses. The use cases are mind blowing!

Setting up a Privately Staked Top Level Domain will be easy and is available to everyone. Once you’ve registered your Top Level Domain, you will be able to select Privately Stake Domains in the drop down from My Account within our DNS App

Setting up Allowlist access to mint Web3 Subdomains

When setting up exclusive access to mint Web3 Subdomains from your Top-Level Domain, you can easily select how you would like to establish your allowlist.

You can choose the parameters per subdomain mint including how many subdomains are allowed to be minted per wallet and setting the fee you'd like to charge per subdomain.

Customisable Subdomain Registration Pages

To provide a customisable experience when minting Web3 Subdomains that have been privately staked through our allowlist functionality, you can easily upload your logo and add in brand colours to customise the theme of your subdomain minting page for each privately staked Top-Level Web3 Domain.

Our customisation portal is easy to use and provides a brandable experience for those wishing to offer web3 subdomains exclusively to their community, selected individuals, employees and more.

Example of Privately Staked Top-Level Web3 Domain :

Learn how to set up Privately Staked Domains

Establish exclusive allowlist access to mint Web3 subdomains from your Top-Level Web3 Domains
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