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Released : March 10 2023

Zeneca Joins Decentraweb Board

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An announcement from our CEO & Co-Founder, Michael Calce

Thank you first and foremost for being patient while we have been building quietly. We have a lot of exciting news to share.

We haven't just been focusing on building out the tech, we're really investing a lot of time and resources into onboarding some major players in the web2 and web3 spaces. We personally feel this is critical to the success and future of DWEB.

Now, sadly, due to the nature of business and how integration works, we can't yet share who has agreed to onboard Decentraweb but I can assure you there are some very big names.

Zeneca joins the Decentraweb Board

One of our major announcements is in regards to a new member we've added to the board. You may know him and his name is Zeneca. If you're unaware of Zeneca, I suggest you check him out. Zeneca has played a major role in the success of the marketplace Blur and is also currently the Director of the Blur foundation.

Zeneca’s background within the Web3 and NFT space brings to the team some of the best and most respected experience out there. Zeneca is also the founder of ZenAcademy which is a successful NFT project centered around education. After meeting our team and learning about our technology and plans, we are delighted to announce that Zeneca has joined our board. Zeneca will fulfill an advisory role working with our incredible team. - Web3 Domains Marketplace Update

In regards to our marketplace,, everything is pretty much done and we might also invite some users to test it out. As for the launch, we've been discussing internally and might delay it by a few weeks because of our latest addition to the board. We're currently discussing with Zeneca about our best goto market strategy. Also, stay tuned for some details regarding the DWEB token and its role within the marketplace.The marketing plan right now is to build up our relationships and leverage our utility and brand awareness to other projects. Our Creative Director, Natalie, has also done a tremendous job with our SEO, and we have some plans as well to enter the traditional marketing space.

Fiat Onramp

We will be onboarding a FIAT solution so that customers can purchase a TLD and create a wallet in a very simple 2-step process. After this has been implemented, we will be expanding our marketing into paid Digital Marketing campaigns. In addition to traditional marketing, we are looking to onboard some respectable names from the crypto/web3 space.

VC Raise

DWEB is currently in talks with several VC firms about doing a raise. We will keep our community up to date as this progresses.

Finally, please understand why things take time with our project. We're multi-faceted and building to last. We're in a pivotal moment right now where we have a lot of exposure with our partnerships which bring DWEB to light. Everything we do has an intention but it has to be carefully executed. We will have a lot of announcements coming up and plan to do more AMAs to discuss the future and what it holds for all of us.

I look forward to sharing more very soon and until then I would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to our new board member Zeneca.