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Released : July 30 2023

Renewable Web3 Subdomains

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Utility Update

Web3 Top-Level Domain holders can now charge renewal fees for their Web3 Subdomains

At Decentraweb, we have received feedback from our community and Top-Level Domain holders to provide the option to charge yearly renewal fees for Web3 Subdomains from their TLDs.

We are pleased to announce that now Web3 Top-Level Domain holders with Decentraweb have the ability to set whether they would like to sell Web3 subdomains with a yearly renewal fee or can opt for no-expiry.

Owners of Top-Level Web3 Domains with Decentraweb can now select when staking their Top-Level Domain two options : 

No Expiry - All Web3 Subdomains purchased with no expiry mean there are no renewals for users who purchase a Web3 Subdomain from your staked Top-Level Domain. Users will only need to pay once and their Web3 Subdomain from your TLD exists forever.

Renewable - By opting for renewable Top-Level Domain holders can set the yearly renewal fee purchasers of Web3 Subdomains from your staked TLD will need to pay. Renewal fees can be equal to or lower than your registration fee. When purchasing a renewable Subdomain, the user agrees to the set renewal fee, which cannot be changed by the TLD owner for already minted renewable subdomains.

Top-Level Domain holders can update their pricing for renewals at any point, but this will only be valid for subdomains minted after the price update. Top-Level Domain holders can also switch from no expiry to renewable, but again this will only be valid for subdomains minted after you've implemented this change.

When searching for Web3 Subdomains on the Decentraweb platform, users can easily see the registration fee, whether the subdomain has no expiration date or if the subdomain is renewable, what the yearly renewal fee is.

We’re super excited to bring this update for staked Top-Level Domains. We understand that everyone has their own requirements with selling Web3 Subdomains and are proud to empower our community to assist their journey when using Decentraweb’s Decentralized technology through recurring revenue.
Renewable SLDs

How to set up renewal fees for Staked Top-Level Domains

Head to our DNS Portal :

Connect your wallet. Select My Account, then Stake Domains

If you have no staked Top-Level Domains, select the TLDs you'd like to stake and add in your prices. If you'd like to add renewal fees ensure you select renewable and add in your yearly renewal fee.

If you would like to update already staked Top-Level Domains, select the TLDs and press edit prices. Easily switch to renewable and add in yearly renewal fee.