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Released : April 7 2023

Platform & Technology Updates

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Update One

Web3 Subdomain Minting Widget

Empowering Top-Level Web3 Domain holders is something we obsess over at Decentraweb. As our technology allows anyone to be their own Web3 Domains registrar, a large part of our mission is to assist Web3 Top-Level Domain holders on their journey as a Web3 Domain registrar.

With this, we are excited to announce the launch of our Web3 Subdomain Minting Widget. This release allows minting of Web3 Subdomains on any website through the implementation of a few lines of code which is generated within our new Widget Generator.

Available to all, our Widget Generator allows you to add in the Staked Top-Level Domain, set light or dark theme and provide an accent color for a truly personalized widget to suit your branding.

Built into our Web3 Subdomain minting widget is the ability to resolve the purchased Web3 Subdomain as your wallet address. A truly seamless solution for minting Web3 Subdomains and resolving Web3 Subdomains as your wallet address within a responsive, easy to implement widget.
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Update Two

Open-sourced Redis Domain Resolver

This week we released our open-sourced caching system to cache all addresses and resolve all Decentraweb Domains.

Our new release provides name-to-address and address-to-name cache updated in realtime with zero latency. This update provides developers of platforms who are looking to resolve Decentraweb Domains against user's wallet addresses, with an easy to integrate solution.
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Update Three

Improved Web3 Subdomain Search

We recently launched our new Subdomain search to showcase all staked Top-Level Domains. This release makes it easier than ever for a user to search for their Web3 Subdomain against all staked Top-Level Web3 Domains. Users can easily add multiple Web3 Subdomains to their cart from multiple Top-Level Domains and transact in a seamless experience.

We have furthered this release by improving the user experience with the addition of our Top-Level Domain search. Now users can search Subdomains, filter Top-Level Domains and also search Top-Level Domains to register their Subdomain against.
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Update Four

Private Staking - Allowlist from Multiple Contracts

Our revolutionary Private Staking technology which allows owners of Top-Level Web3 Domains to establish exclusive access to mint Web3 Subdomains from allowlisted wallets has been improved further.

Now owners of Web3 TLDs can add multiple ERC 20 or ERC721 smart contract addresses to establish who can mint. Perfect for NFT projects with multiple NFT collections, multiple smart contracts can now be added to provide access to mint from a Privately Staked Top-Level Web3 Domain.
Update Five

Customized Subdomain Minting Pages for All Staked Top-Level Domains

We initially released customized Web3 Subdomain minting pages for Privately Staked Top-Level Domains which provide exclusive access to mint through allowlist technology. We are now pleased to announce that all Staked Top-Level Web3 Domains through Decentraweb now have the functionality to have customized and branded Web3 subdomain minting pages.

This update allows holders of Staked Top-Level Web3 Domains to implement their brand colors and add in their logo to their Web3 Subdomain minting pages for each of their Staked Top-Level Domains.