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Released : November 13 2022

NFT Art & Metadata Update

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Updated NFT Art for our Web3 Domains

We are thrilled to bring to our community an exciting update and the first step of our full creative overhaul 🚀

Firstly, are proud to announce that all of the art for all SLD and TLD Decentraweb domains has been updated. Not only does our new art look fresh but it helps users to decipher between Domain Levels and Chains.

If your metadata hasn’t updated please hit the refresh metadata button on Opensea.

Updated Metadata for our Web3 Domains

Secondly, we have deployed an update to our Meta Data which attaches attributes to each Domain’s NFT. By doing so this helps users to view important information outside of the NFT image.

By doing this, users will also now be able to filter search results on NFT Marketplaces too.